Repco gets what gets car lovers goin’ in new brand platform via Thinkerbell Australia

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Repco has launched its new brand platform ‘Gets You Goin” via creative agency Thinkerbell.


Repco gets what gets car lovers going. From a diehard car enthusiast to a weekend roadtripper, one thing ties them all together – a passion for cars and all that comes with them. And with over 100 years of knowledge and experience, Repco knows all about this passion, because it’s the same thing that gets them going too.

This new brand idea uses every opportunity to show motoring enthusiasts that Repco knows and deeply understands all the little quirks and truths that come with loving cars. Launching with a suite of films, ‘Gets you goin’ vignettes moments that all car enthusiasts can relate to; from almost losing a 10mL socket in an engine bay, to making an instant best mate just because they’re into cars too.

This new work also features a brand mnemonic that harnesses an important part of Repco’s racing DNA. The engine of Jack Brabham’s famous BT19 formula 1 car was developed and built by Repco in the 60’s and now its sound has been sampled and used to activate the “rev” as part of the brand’s logo.

Says Ben Couzens, executive creative tinker at Thinkerbell: “We love how this idea really does permeate right through every touchpoint. Whether it’s a retail poster in store or a radio ad, everything is an opportunity for Repco to prove its shared passion for the drive.”

Repco gets what gets car lovers goin’ in new brand platform via Thinkerbell Australia

Says Elizabeth Cox, GM marketing and retail strategy NZ: “Repco knows our customers – across trade and retail we share their passion. Repco’s new look and campaign brings the ultimate customer insights to life, picking up on moments that will resonate with car lovers of all ages. We’ve deliberately taken a strong lead from research and customer voice and the subtle humour and quirks of what it means to be a car lover is at the heart of these ads. Now that it’s live, we look forward to the ‘Gets You Goin’ campaign coming to life throughout our marketing and our business.”

Says Kym Sutherland, general manager of marketing at Repco, GPC: “2022 marked 100 years of Repco operating in Australia and New Zealand. In those 100 years we’ve been cemented as part of the motoring fabric of Australia. This project is a step forward and represents an eye for the future as a brand and our ambition to remain a leader in the Australia and New Zealand motoring industry.”

Created entirely within Thinkerbell’s newly created production ability Hotel Bell, Gets you goin’ rolls out across radio, TV, online, in-store, catalogues, promotions and everything in between in Australia and New Zealand.

Creative agency – Thinkerbell
Client – Repco
Production company – Hotel Bell @ Thinkerbell
Director – Dom Meehan
Photographer – Jesper Nielsen
Editor – Jon Holmes
Sound – Squeak E. Clean
Music – Terry Mann
Media agency – Initiative
Content agency – Wellcom