Don’t miss MDS’ End of Year Show tonight, upstairs at Everybody’s, 7 Fort Lane, 6pm-8.30pm


Don’t miss Media Design School’s end of year portfolio show held tonight 21 November, upstairs at Everybody’s in Auckland’s CBD.


Is the industry being replaced by a new generation?

An artificial one?

And, no, we don’t mean students.

So, without further ado, here’s a few more industry heavyweights who may look like, sound like, but aren’t quite the CCOs or ECDs, we all know so well.

And, it looks like they’re all urging you to make your way to Media Design School’s end of year show tomorrow night, Tuesday to check out if their student portfolios have Actual Ideas in them or or if they’re all just auto-generated AI ‘ideas’.

Special thanks to Chat GPT 3.5 for their help in writing the above.

MDS AdSchool’s End of Year Portfolio Show
When: 6:00pm – 8.30pm, Tuesday, 21st November
Where: Everybody’s, Imperial House, 7 Fort Lane